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Strawberry Fields LLC was started in early 2020 by Kellie Cox.

For the last 18 years, Kellie has worked in the horticulture world creating artistic and native landscapes for clients and historic museums throughout the east coast. Along with her horticulture career, Kellie has worked as an artist and muralist. Her artwork and projects can be seen here and most recently her work with the US Botanic Gardens can be viewed here!

Her dream for many years has been to start her own landscape design business. With the arrival of her daughter Amelia Rose in 2019, Kellie felt it was time to start her dream of Strawberry Fields. Her passion is to create beautiful and unique landscapes, featuring a variety of native plants that thrive within our region. Kellie is excited to share her knowledge and experience of horticulture + art, and design beautiful and unique gardens for her clients!

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