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At Strawberry Fields LLC, we work with our clients to bring their dream gardens to life! Our passion is to design and create a thriving garden for your landscape, as well as creating a habitat for our local wildlife. Integrating natives within your landscape is vital for the survival of our local birds and insects, and we find that native plants tend to be less maintenance than other plants (they are more adaptable to our weather and overall environment).
Every landscape is unique, and we work to create the landscape that will work best within your garden. Whether you have dry shade, deer pressure, drainage issues, poor soil or simply don't have a green thumb - we are here to help resolve any landscape issue to bring you a beautiful and sustainable garden. We work with our clients to bring them the exact style of garden they enjoy. Whether you like formal and modern, or more natural and wild - we are here to help create that vision for you. Along with this, we help our clients achieve a completed landscape, we work to design successful stone masonry elements, landscape lighting and more. If you are interested in garden installation, our highly trained and experienced landscapers + stone masons will install your new designed garden (and we are here to help oversee the project from start to finish!)

We offer professional design services that include detailed landscape site plans. Our designer, Kellie, will work with you to create the garden of your dreams! We also work closely with the Montgomery County Rainscapes program, and would be happy to discuss your project in detail. We have designed and installed a variety of conservation landscapes that have received rebates from the rebate program.
Contact us below to schedule your site visit! You can also email us at to schedule a site visit. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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