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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions!

As a landscape company, we know there is a lot that goes into each unique project! Below is a list of FAQs and answers that we hope you find helpful. Contact us today with other questions you may have, or if you're interested in scheduling a consultation.

  1. Do you have a minimum for taking on an installation project? Yes! Our minimum size project starts at $3,000 - $4,000, depending on the type of project and location.

  2. What will my project cost? Every project is unique and is hard to give a rough cost before a meeting. Projects range between $3,000 - $150,000 + (which is a big range!). A very rough cost can be provided at the consultation.

  3. Do you charge a consultation fee? Yes, we normally charge a consultation fee, depending on your location. This is because a visit can last between 30 mins to an hour. During our visit we will provide our recommendations for your project.

  4. Where do you work in the DMV area? Currently we work in Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Mount Rainier, NW/NE DC. At this time we do not work in Potomac, SE/SW DC or Virginia.

  5. Who completes your installation work? 99% of our work is completed by our hard-working employees. On the rare occasion for a specialized project, we require bringing in a trusted sub-contractor.

  6. Do you provide free estimates? No, we charge an initial consultation fee for meeting onsite, typically between $150 - $200.

  7. How much does a design cost? A design typically costs between $900 - $4,000, depending on the size and scope of the project. During the initial consultation, Kellie will provide a cost for the design fee.

  8. Is a design required? And do I own the design? Sometimes a design is not required for a project, and an estimate will just be provided. This can be can be discussed and decided during the initial consultation. And yes, after the design is finalized and fully paid for, the client owns the design and can use as they like.

  9. How long does the process take? Design work typically takes 8 weeks, and from there depending on the schedule, supply availability and time of year, it can take another1-3 months until the installation work is completed. Landscaping work is only done in the spring and fall, while hardscaping work is done spring, summer and fall. We ask every client to give us a bit of patience, as we are a small company! We work our best to meet all our clients needs and work very hard to stay on schedule.

  10. Do you offer seasonal maintenance? Yes! We offer seasonal maintenance (either spring/summer/fall, or spring/fall schedules). We do not offer lawn mowing services at this time. 

  11. Do you have a guarantee on the work? Yes! We have 3 month guarantee on perennials, 6 months on trees and shrubs. If plants are not properly taken care of (over-watered, under-watered, etc.), or eaten/damaged by any type of animal, we do not guarantee the plants and a client will need to pay for replacement. We provide a one year guarantee for masonry and carpentry. 

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